Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are some popular questions of SAIS Connect.


Q: I am getting email notifications for every reply. How can I turn off or reduce the volume of email notifications?**


One easy option available to you will be at the bottom of every email from the community. If there’s a particular topic that gets a lot of attention, you can safely click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email, and the the default option already pre-checked will be “Stop watching this topic”.

Another option is to start at the communities page. Click on the community you’re a member of. There’s a small bell-like icon to click. Choose either Watching First Post or Normal to dramatically reduce email notifications for new topics. We recommend Watching First Post.


Q: How do I create a poll question?**


We have a step-by-step article here on creating poll questions.

Q: How do I get access to another community that is applicable to me?**


Visit this special list here and click the Request button. As long as your job title/role is applicable, we’ll process your request and you’ll be notified.

Q: Can I start a new message by email? Do I have to use the website to send new messages?**


Visit this special list here to see the email addresses to start a new message to your group.

Q: How can I message someone privately?**


You can click on another user’s name or profile pic to visit their profile. You’ll see a Message button to click which will allow you to send a private message to that user.

Q: Is there a way to just get a daily or weekly summary of new topics?**


Yes! You might want to start by changing the notification setting for the community you’re in (see the first “Q” above). Next, visit your preferences page for emai settings here. At the bottom of that screen under Activity Summary, choose your preferred setting for daily, weekly, or monthly. Click Save Changes when done.