How to Create a Poll Question

Here’s a quick summary on how to create a poll question in SAIS Connect.

  1. Visit the community where you’d like to conduct a poll question.

  2. Start a new message by click the New Topic button.

  3. Type a subject line that includes a hint on what your question is about, e.g., A Poll Question on International Travel

  4. In the message box, provide any additional information that will help your recipients understand what you are seeking in your poll question. For example, in the screenshot below my message asks What’s your favorite snack for game day?

  1. It’s a good idea to also type an instructional line like, Please click the link below to respond:

  2. Click the gear button and choose Build Poll.

  3. Add your poll choices using the “Add option” button. Consider adding “Other” as a last choice. If users should have the option of choosing two or more choices, click the “Multiple Choice” selection.


  1. Click the Insert Poll button when you’re done adding your options.

  2. You’re now ready to send your message! Click the “Create Topic” button to send your message.

NOTES: The preview screen will show your poll but you’ll have to post (send) the message before you can vote in your own poll. Please keep in mind that your recipients will see your message along with a hyperlink that says, “Click to view the poll”, so that’s why we added the extra line in our message.

Also, before sending your message, you can edit your options. You’ll see each option preceded by an asterisk. Just follow that format to add more choices if desired. You can create multiple poll questions in the same message too. Just click the Build Poll question again.

For a good example, here’s the message box just before sending:

What will your recipients see in their email?

Here’s an example email that a recipient would get. Notice that they don’t see the poll responses in their email. They have to click the link to respond.